Our company was established in 1990

We can provide our customers with qualified personnel, customer assistance and consulting services.

Thanks to our experience, we can perform scheduled maintenance operations, partial or total repairs and inspections as well as extraordinary maintenance on the bottling lines.

The machines on which we are able to carry out professional interventions are as follows:

Labelling machines
Case packers for American cases
Wraparound case packers
Decappers for boxed bottles
Conveyor belts

We also provide used machines that have been thoroughly inspected and adapted to standard.

We are able to find any kind of used machinery on request and we can thoroughly inspect and adapt to standard.

We collect used machinery.

For any information do not hesitate to call us!

+39 030 2170079


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Manutenzione riparazione e revisione macchinari e linee produttive nuove ed usate